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Toque Snuff

Menthol 10g Tin

Menthol 10g Tin

A medium grind with a strong menthol hit

Size of product: 10g
Grind: Medium
£ 1.80

This is the best menthol made today, I'm sure. It also is one of the few snuffs that gives me unadulterated tobacco and menthol and nothing else, very very nice. The taste is of strong menthol, but not overpowering. There is a fresh note to it, whihc I find citrus-like, still I do not think there is citrus flavouring in there. It's fine ground and on the moister side for a Toque snuff. A peice of menthol-beauty.

Hans, Germany

Customer reviews

  • Nulliverse
    Rating5 out 5

    A considerable amount of menthol! This snuff is very much in the same vein as as J.H Wilson's Medicated No.99 and McCrystals Sturco, which both contain a similar amount of menthol. The grind makes it easier to take however, and the plain tobacco base is the familiar excellence we expect from Toque. This is my favorites out of the 3, though it lags slightly behind my all time favorite (and less mentholated) McCrystals O&G.

  • Patrick
    Rating3 out 5

    It's menthol, what else can you say about it. Great for clearing your head and sinuses. Helps me get out of bed in the morning as my first pinch of the day. Had some problems with this one from the start. The menthol is very pronounced for the uninitiated such as myself at the time. It blew my head off harder than anything I tried before. It was hard to judge the nicotine content between blowing my nose and the sneezing. The menthol kick and rebound plugged me up something fierce so much so that it felt like I was having a full on allergic reaction. But I pushed through and about 4 days later my nose adjusted and I could really enjoy the snuff. When I had menthol on rotation my friends would comment that they could smell it on me lol, not the open tin, but from my breathing. I had a good laugh.