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Toque Snuff

Cheese and Bacon Bullet

Cheese and Bacon Bullet

A popular bacon flavoured snuff with a blue cheese high note

Size of product: 1g
Grind: Medium
£ 2.09

Sounds awful, doesn't it? I was a little apprehensive at first, but of course HAD to try a new Toque snuff and was amazed! This snuff was originally made as a joke, but I'm afraid the joke's on Toque - this is another stunning naturally flavoured snuff from one of the best snuff manufacturers in the world. The Ayrshire smoked bacon is fairly subtle, but it is definitely there, underneath a superb Danish Blue cheese flavouring that lasts a fair while in the nose before giving way to the excellent toasted Toque base tobacco. As with all Toques, it is of medium grind and moisture and very easy to take. This is definitely a love it or hate it type of snuff - I love it!

Debbie, England

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