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Toque Snuff

Berwick Brown 25g Tin

Berwick Brown 25g Tin

A traditional medium/coarse lightly perfumed snuff

Size of product: 25g
Grind: Coarse
£ 3.59


Even after a month of using this snuff, I'm as enthusiastic now as I was on day one. This snuff is as perfect as it can get. This is an instant classic, in line with the very best snuffs available these days. I'll never run out of this one.

Michael, Germany

Customer reviews

  • Paul Shallbetter a.k.a. Uncle Squinty
    Rating5 out 5

    First off, a pronunciation lesson for Americans...it's not Burr-Wick." English folks I'm told pronounce it "Bear Rick" Just a tip, in case you're trying to fool someone into thinking your a subject of the Crown. To the snuff: Berwick Brown was one of the first Toque snuffs I tried, and it's still a favorite, always at hand. Believe it or not, somethimes that bergamot opens my nose even better than a medicated, and I love to use this as a cleansing snuff as well as for everyday pleasure. Nicotine is not impressive, which in this case is a good thing, as you'll want to fairly shovel this snuff up your nose! Don't let the description of "coarse" put you off. This snuff is milled more coarsely than other Sp's I've tried, but it's fluffy, not stuffy. The snuff seems to levitate into the nostrils. The scenting is not overdone either; you'll get that SP tang, but you also get that delicious Toque base tobacco flour; I'd love to pry the recipe out of Roderick's hands, but I'm told that all Toque recipes are hand written on lambskin parchment and sealed in an impenetrable vault guarded by spitting cobras (a statement that I cannot and will not personally verify). The stuff is just plain wonderful, and even if you're not an SP fan, this is one you must try. If one assigned stars on a 1 lowest/five highest ratings scale, this one is a six.