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Toque Snuff

Berwick Brown Bullet

Berwick Brown Bullet

A traditional medium/coarse lightly perfumed snuff

Size of product: 1g
Grind: Coarse
£ 2.09

Toque's Berwick Brown rightly deserves every accolade it will surely receive. An instant classic of a snuff, and it isn't often I will say that. Clearly inspired by the Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth versions of Kendal Brown (rather the the over-perfumed offerings from Fribourg & Treyer and Wilson's of Sharrow), Berwick Brown for me represents Toque's coming of age as a snuff maker. The snuff is a rich mid-brown with flecks of lighter tobacco. It is of medium-coarse grind and has a middling level of moisture. The flavour is just what one would expect of this style of snuff. Superb base tobacco topped with just the right amount of orangey zest to create a wonderful nasal experience.Pure delight all round. It's great to see Toque developing snuffs with different grinds (the fine toasts as well as this one) and I sincerely hope to see more snuffs with this grind appearing in the future. Tony, England Courtesy of snuffreviews.com

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