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Toque Snuff

Christmas Pudding 10g Tin.

Christmas Pudding 10g Tin.

A medium/moist snuff with traditional winter pudding aroma

Size of product: 10g
Grind: Medium
£ 1.80

Somewhere between gluhwein, eggnog, glogg, mulled cider, sugar plums and cinnamon cookies; this is the best Christmas snuff out there, this is great snuff.

Antony, USA

Watch out for a lucky Sixpence hidden in 10, 10g tins of "Christmas Pudding". If you are lucky enough to find one, email the date on the sixpence to sales@toquesnuff.com and we'll send free of charge your choice of 12, 10g tins of Toque snuff

Customer reviews

  • T
    Rating5 out 5

    I was unsure about this one as a blind purchase but wanted to try it because I've been very happy with every other snuff that I've bought from here, and I really enjoy spiced tobacco so I went ahead and bought in bulk and I'm glad I did. I just love this stuff, first sniff I get clove with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and all of the spices that one would associate with the holidays with a very smooth tobacco finish. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't tried this one.

  • Crimpy
    Rating5 out 5

    I was unsure weather to get this but seeing as its december i thought why not. It really does smell like xmas pudding and i didn't even have to show people what it was when i opened the tin. Maybe a little too heavy on the clove but not offputting.

  • Patrick
    Rating4 out 5

    I really didn't like this snuff at first but it slowly grew on me. I thought it had too many spice notes going on at once and just wasn't feeling the burn it delivered on my first few tries. Clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and christmas wreath is what I picked up the most. I would take pinches here and there but this flavor really came into it's own once the temperature started dropping more and more. I guess I was partly to blame for snuffing an xmas pudding snuff in the heat of summer haha. I'm leaning towards ordering some more for the christmas season. Just the idea of having this one around while I make holiday memories with my family seems like a no-brainer! The snow, the egg nog, the tree, the lights, presents, fireplace and some snuff. What could be better!