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Toque Snuff

200g Vanilla Economy Bag

200g Vanilla Economy Bag

A soft, creamy vanilla flavoured snuff with a medium grind

Size of product: 200g
Grind: Medium
£ 24.14

I normally hate vanilla! I hate vanilla ice cream, I hate vanilla flavoured tea or coffee, I do not like vanilla cookies and I hate vanilla pipe tobacco, which made me even more wary of this. Stangely enough, I like this blend a lot. It is incredibly smooth, so smooth that I think "vanilla cream" would be a better name for it. It really feels silky in the nose and is incredibly relaxing. The scent of vanilla seems to be exactly the right amount, nothing overly sweet, there's even tobacco in the background. Highly recommended, even if you, like me, are not fond or vanilla.

Gunter, Germany

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