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Toque Snuff

About Sneeshyn owners of Silver Dollar, Toque Snuff and ToqueUSA

Toque Snuff was established in 2006 and was taken over by Sneeshyn (a private enterprise of Roderick Lawrie) in 2018 to promote a modern image of snuff taking amongst a new generation of tobacco snuff users. With a modern menu of interesting and novel flavours made from 100% natural ingredients, so fresh that Toque, ToqueUSA and Silver Dollar snuff is full of ammonia when first sniffed. Let your snuff breath for a couple of hours and the initial ammonia smell is replaced by the wonderful aroma of exceptional snuff. All Snuff has in a short period of time become established as a quality brand with a worldwide following.

The introduction of smoking bans around the world has led to something of a renaissance in snuff taking and Toque Snuff is at the forefront of this revival. Once the habit of choice for aristocratic Europeans and the working classes alike, more recently snuff has become popular among stylish and educated young people who are aware of the benefits of harm reduction. As a consequence snuff manufacturers predict double-digit growth in demand for years to come and Snuff is leading the way with annual growth in excess of 150%. Issues of health, price and brand innovation have coincided to create a fertile ground for a potentially huge market.

Sneeshyn Snuff has utilised the internet to widen the appeal of its snuffs to an ever expanding number of consumers from around the world. Enthusiastic snuff takers like to enjoy a variety of snuff blends, and to satisfy their insatiable appetite for new snuff experiences Sneeshyn Snuff has been innovative and inventive. With a range of snuffs, from traditional tobacco aromas to fruits and toasts, florals and menthols and more specialist flavours including peanut butter, whisky and honey, cheese and bacon and chocolate, Sneeshyn Snuff enjoys an enviable brand loyalty amongst users. This combined with healthy profit margins makes Sneeshyn Snuff an attractive opportunity for distributers and tobacco retailers. Please email info@toquesnuff.com