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This tobacco product can damage
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Toqueing all over the world...

Toqueing all over the world...

Toque grapefruit, happy to have my supply refreshed today.
Brian C, USA

I was initially disturbed by the thought of blueberry snuff, then I thought, "well, there are plenty of raspberry and other fruity snuffs, why not?!" I'm *totally* loving Toque blueberry. The chocolate is good too, but my faves so far are menthol and peppermint....ahhh sweet Toque! I ... I
Fed, USA

I went up-country last week for a couple of days and took a variety of snuffs with me. I had in my pocket a tin of Toque Original when I left home, with the rest of my snuff in the boot of my car. I left Cape Town on Friday and when I returned on Monday, I still had the Original in my pocket!! Did not see any reason to switch to something else. And to be quite honest, when I tried some flavoured snuff on Monday night, it did not taste as good as it used to. Does that mean that I'm now totally converted to a SP snuffer? I'm on Toque Natural today, it's so good!
Pieter, South Africa

I have Toque SP in my nose, which I believe is now my favourite SP. It's not quite as subtle as others, but it is somehow more "crisp". Seth, USA
Toque menthol literally made me say aloud "Oh my god! This is f***ing insane! I love it!"
I Fed, USA

Toque Chocolate - toque products are great for sure but the free shipping keeps me coming back. When I consider that the shipping cost at other sites come out to at least another 25 gram tin of toque it’s a no-brainer - at least until I have a comfortable supply of toque anyway.
Matt, USA

Still on the Toque Whisky & Honey..... Definitely 10/10 for that one.
Tony, England

Toque Blueberry, One of My Favourite's.
Dave, England

Toque Espresso.... smoky and awesome!
Fixin, USA

I've just received both Toque toasts and have to say they are superb, especially the Whiskey and Honey. I'm a little disappointed with the Marmalade Toast as I can't taste the toastiness but it still tastes nice a bit like St. Clements. I'd give the Whiskey 9/10 and the Marmalade 7/10.
Sefan, England

The postie just brought my new Toque Toasts (plus tins of St Clements and Grapefruit). Absolutely superb! Tony, England
Look on the Toque website, great snuffs.
Nigel, England

I love all the flavors, keep up the great work!
Jeff, USA

Mocha java or toque espresso and chocolate. Awesome.
Bob, USA

Yup Toque Natural just hits the spot when you want something to take all day long that doesn't clog and goes well with everything. Bryan, USA
I am really digging the English grind of the expertly scented Toque Tobacco's.
Juxtaposer, USA

“Toque Natural is a great 'all tobacco' snuff, the grind is perfect and the nose feel is great.”
Scott, USA

Toque is certainly the best value out there at the moment.
Nigel, England

I always know I'll be getting a fresh, high quality product when I order from Toque.
Paul, US

Toque Natural is a Gem of Gems in this fine line of products; It's an addiction within an addiction! Paul, US
This peanut butter is smooth not chunky. ;)

Now having tried all of them, they are all fantastic snuffs, great work Roderick. I think the natural will take a LITTLE bit of getting used to. It has a very nice rich tobacco flavor, the only time I tried it though I misjudged the dryness of it because I think it looks moister than it is, and it promptly went into the back of my throat. If you love peanut butter like I do, the peanut butter is about the most deep rich peanut butter flavor I have experienced. I'm not a huge vanilla fan so didn't know how much I would like the vanilla, but I was surprised to find that it was one of the most pleasant vanilla flavors I have tried, making it fantastic as well. If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be the blueberry, or perhaps the toffee, but they all get perfect scores in my book. I now have the privilege of having toque toffee in my nose and I am thrown for a loop. I thought the samples while it was in development were great but this blows them away. I know for certain that I could not mistake this snuff for anything other than toffee, as all the toque snuffs are, spot on, and straight As across the board. I can see this becoming one of my favourites easily. I like how it has a sweet toffee character but the sweetness is not overpowering at all, fantastic!! As with all the selections as well, I am amazed at how the flavor balances with that great toque tobacco flavor making it a very well rounded snuff.
Brian C, USA

Last night I got my Toque order - Blueberry, Natural, Original, & Vanilla. All excellent snuffs - the Toque Vanilla is very similar to a cigar snuff that I made a little while back except that is obviously a bit more refined than my home ground. The Blueberry is great, not a strong blueberry scent but I appreciate the subtle notes - this is a good all nighter for me. As I have stated before the Original & the Natural are both the bomb - grade A snuff.
Scott, USA

Toque Blueberry is a very cheerful snuff that will put you in a good mood and brighten your day.
Brian, USA

Toque Peanut Butter is one amazing snuff, packed full of peanut buttery goodness!!
Brian, USA

I just tried toque toffee, and I find it very close to butterscotch. give it a sniff, its excellent.
Paul-Douglas, USA

Even out in the boondocks where I am I can count on priority mail in three days from pretty much anywhere... occasionally 4. My Toque samples arrived yesterday - I requested the Toque Toffee and the Toque Natural. Both really nice snuffs, the Toffee is exactly how I imagined it would be. Good forward tobacco notes with a deliciously sweet and malty toffee finish. The after blow reminds me of a Skor bar (remember those?). I may try to blend a touch of this with the Toque Chocolate just for fun, try to see if I can get the full on Skor experience lol. Great Snuff! The Toque Natural is a great all tobacco snuff, the grind is perfect, the nose feel is great, and while I am at a loss of descriptors I can't say a bad thing about it. I wouldn't change a thing. It seems like a perfect blend of several tobaccos that come together cohesively and naturally to make this quality snuff!
Scott, USA

I am a full-on, shaved-my-head-and-drank-the-kool-aid member of the Toque cult.
Nelson, USA

Toque Raspberry, can't get enough of that..
Didi, Germany

The scrumptious Toque Peanut Butter for me today. By God is this stuff good Stafan, England
Toque peanut butter. yummy!
Matt, USA

Yeah, Roderick must be some sort of wizard or something... truly amazing snuff. Toque kicks ass! Mickey, USA
Toque Grapefruit...AMAZING!
Mickey, USA

Toque grapefruit, one of my several new loves. What a way to wind down after a stressful night at work.
Brian C, USA

Loving the toffee though great snuff.
Bob, USA

Hi Roderick I've just tried Toque peanut butter snuff for the first time and I just wanted to say I think it’s brilliant! It may even challenge Toque Chocolate for my favourite snuff of all time! Keep up the good work! Chris, England
This snuff is the best!!
Celtic snuffer, USA

Toque produce superb snuffs in quite a variety of flavours. Highly recommended.
Tony, England

I have Toque Peppermint, Chocolate, Toffee, Peanut Butter and Toque Blueberry. All excellent snuff, from a upping coming British company.
Dave, England

I like the natural as an all day snuff and I love the chocolate in the evening.
Mathew, USA

Toque is a great snuff from a great company with flavors that are out of this world!! Along with attractive functional packaging and the best customer service & free shipping, this snuff is hard to beat.
Brian, USA

Toque is a modern day company who still takes old world traditions and values to heart when it comes to nasal snuff. One of my very favourite makers of snuff, quality, price and customer appreciation makes Toque a must have for anyone who enjoys snuff.
David, USA

You can make your own peanut butter cups with their chocolate and peanut butter snuff! Try it, you'll love it.
Aaron, USA

Toque is outstanding and simply the best way to stop smoking. You also get to keep tobacco in your life with a minimal risk - don't confuse this with dip or chew, its traditional English snuff of the highest calibre and the company is fantastic in terms of customer service. 5 stars!!
Nigel, UK

“Toque Chocolate snuff is an amazing blend! It fully captures the dark and deliciously creamy aspects of fine chocolates, yet still maintains a strong tobacco feeling.”
Sean, USA

“Toque is definitely great for work, much simpler, quicker and cleaner than opening a ‘traditional’ tin of snuff.”
Jeff, England

“Your product is great and the service is impeccable!! You will have my business for as long as I am a snuff user.”
Brian, USA

“Each has, in my humble opinion, a bit more kick to them than any snuff I have used before. Well done.”
Mark, England

“Toque Chocolate snuff is amazing, my girlfriend called it sex in a bullet.”
Olly, England

“Excellent 'Ice', and I think that the Original reminds me of a good Cigar!”
Martin, England

“I like the snuffs and the use of such a bullet…”
Alex, Germany

“I sniffed sharply from the bullet. The menthol kick was immediate, wonderful, and full - definitely the way to take this snuff. Toque Chocolate is deeper, richer, and darker than I had thought possible. If this snuff were an actual chocolate, it would be one of those super - expensive ones.”
Ben, USA

“Just tried Toque Chocolate, and I've got the biggest grin on my face from it — it is incredible!”
Aaron, USA

“I tried the regular Toque last night for the first time, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I was expecting a very plain experience, but found it to be quite flavourful. ….both this and the peppermint are keepers!”
“They (the snuff bullets) are definitely packed full: I have to be careful when I open up the refills because the snuff is bulging out of the top of the little container! I'll be buying more soon, I really enjoy it!”
Justin, USA

“Toque Tobacco original works well with Beer and also Jack Daniels n’ Coke...”
Jeffery, USA

“Toque menthol snuff is by far the easiest snuff I have ever taken. The menthol kick was immediate, wonderful, and full.”
Dan, USA

“I am really taken by Toque peppermint - very nice indeed.”
Kenny, Scotland

“There's nothing finer than Toque chocolate and a good beer at the end of a long day.”
A. Johnson, USA

“I received samples of Toque Chocolate, Espresso and Peppermint from a friend who said I had to try these fantastic snuffs. He was right, they are fantastic.”

“The Espresso is dynamite!!!!!!”
Brian, USA

"Can't get enough of this chocolate! I LOVE IT!!!"
A Johnson, USA

“Toque snuff allows me to enjoy tobacco at a fraction of the risk of smoking and without annoying other people - it’s played a big part in helping me quit cigarettes.”
Nigel, England

"Toque Chocolate is one of the best snuffs I've ever tried in my life. From the first sniff it landed in my personal Pantheon!"
Maciej, Poland

“Toque Chocolate is by far one of my favorite snuffs!”
Bill, USA

“The Peppermint is a very well made snuff, you'd be hard pressed to discover a snuff with such a strong peppermint taste, a real treat.”
Daniel, USA

“I'm such a menthol freak. Toque has awesome customer service, and I love the innovative packaging.”
Scott, USA

“Espresso is a coffee flavored snuff that is nothing short of spectacular....Toque is the choice for your coffee flavored snuff needs.”
Daniel, USA

“Wow you really go above and beyond normal customer service! I just got my order today and I am loving them especially the menthol one.”
Chris, USA

“Espresso is super good.”
Shaggy, USA

“I would say Toque is the best brand because of variety, quality, creativity of packaging, and customer service. Toque seems to me to have new world innovation with old world quality and craftsmanship.”
Grant, USA

“Just to let you know how happy I am with your awesome service!”
Ben, Australia

“I ‘m very impressed with your snuff.”
Neil, Australia

“I tried Toque yesterday and liked it a lot! I'll certainly place new orders in a near future!”
Thiago, Brazil

“It's hard to pick favourites when they're all so good. The Toque chocolate flavour is one of the most unique snuffs I have ever tried, and I have over 50 snuffs in my cabinet. Overall, A+, thumbs up, great quality snuff, good brand, and very nice packaging!”
David, USA

"I've tried them all and find them of excellent quality.”
Steve, USA

“Tried the Original and wow it’s wonderful....I will be buying more in the future!!”
Robert , USA

“I got Toque mainly to see what the rave reviews on choc were about, but was surprised to find I like all the snuffs. I’ve got the lot. Original is a great all day snuff.”
Mike, Australia

“I love Toque Original. Nice work on this one man - it is truly a joy to sniff.”
Scott, USA

“I have tried most of the current Toque line and find it to be fantastic!”
Dan, USA

“Really enjoying the Toque Original - it is an outstanding snuff.”
S Turner, USA

“I tested some Toque Peppermint for the first time and it’s really good.”
Simon, France

Toque is my Brown Heaven.
Paul 2, US

Toque snuffs; pure tobacco perfection!
Brian 2, USA

The service that Toque provides is top notch and the snuffs are exquisite. Highly recommended!
Brian 1, USA

Great taste, easy to use...
Toque, what other snuffs are missing.
Rob, USA

“Toque Natural is a great 'all tobacco' snuff, the grind is perfect and the nose feel is great.”
Scott, USA

I took a big pinch of excellent and fine Toque Chocolate ooohhhh....
Pedro, Spain

Definitely been on a Toque binge since I got my order in last Friday. They are all fantastic!
Dave, England

More Toque today, Chocolate and Natural. Can't seem to get enough of this stuff.
Dave, England

I took a few liberal pinches of Chocolate earlier and chased it with some Natural and it was fantastic.
Dave, England

Toque Natural-and loving it!
Mark, USA

My Toque Chocolate arrived today and that's what I've got in my nose. Hot Damn !! This is some tasty stuff !!!
Paul, USA

Oh boy it sure is tasty !! I can't believe how this snuff really tastes like chocolate !!
Paul, USA

Toque chocolate, mmmmm.
Brian C, USA

I am enjoying some Toque Original right now. Great stuff.
Sprangalang, USA

Toque Toffee, Yumm!
Sprangalang, USA

I tested some Toque snus ice for the first time and its really good.
Simon, France

In my opinion, Toque Original is one of the best SP type of snuffs on the market.
David, USA

Toque chocolate. First try of toque snuffs and I love it!
David, USA

Today is toque chocolate, I got my bulk bag yay!!!!!
Brian C, USA

I was under that false assumption that a modern snuff brand could in no way compete with the traditional brands. I have been very wrong - Toque Chocolate is a fantastic snuff. It’s full flavoured and complex. It seems to have a far higher nicotine hit than I was expecting also, which is nice as I like that. It’s great stuff. Toque could re-brand this snuff under a fancy, old sounding name. Sell it in some expensive looking tins which say they have been making it since 1786 and double the price. It’s that good! But let’s not give them any ideas...
David, USA

I that other snuff companies have been in business for hundreds of years, so have to create great products to stay in business, and I didn't see how Toque could possibly compete with all that experience. Yeah, I was wrong, and I've never been happier to be wrong. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Toque snuffs are perfect. They are indeed pretty dry and fine, so do take a little more effort to effectively snuff than some snuffs, but once you get used to them they are very smooth and are just amazing. I would also agree that the nicotine content in them seems to be a bit higher than many of the others, which is a good thing for me.
Brian C, USA

The natural is superb and I can see it being one of my everyday snuffs from now on. I got one of the new tins and when you open it you get that usual new snuff ammonia tang but this disappears quickly and is not part of the flavour in the nose. The colour is a rich brown and the grind smooth and even. There's a fantastic, deep flavour of good tobacco and a decent nicotine hit. It clears the head like a good SP or even menthol and the flavour lasts in the nose. I’ve been dipping into this all day now and liking it more and more. It’s incredible that this is just pure tobacco as it has such an interesting flavour, so all respect to the blender who must be a master indeed

I also got a tin of original and this really benefits from this type of packaging. When I used this snuff before in one of the bullets I never realised how good it was, and I used it really just as a discreet and quick nicotine hit. The bullets might arguably suit some markets but I think the plastic used - or the fact that it’s injected straight into the nose - really kills the character of the snuff. Liberated from the plastic this snuff reveals itself as another superb piece of blending along the lines of maybe a J and H Wilson SP. Two really excellent snuffs, if you've not tried them yet you will not be disappointed.
Nigel, England

I have tried both original and natural and they are both excellent snuffs. I am excited to get some more in the new tins.
Scott, USA

Toque snuff is such good quality and price point.
David, USA

I tried Toque snuffs for the first time last week and I have to say that Toque natural has replaced ******** snuff as my, that is to say the snuff I know I can always enjoy when my nose seems to be tired of everything else. It is a masterpiece.
boobah204, USA

Toque is certainly the best value out there at the moment.
Nigel, England

I have throughly enjoyed the Expresso, and the natural. What I like about the natural is the idea that I could take some, and scent it however I wanted. GREAT products guys!

Toque Natural, man I really enjoy this snuff!
Mark, USA

I always know I'll be getting a fresh, high quality product when I order from Toque.
Paul, US

It's like there's a party in my nose and everyone is invited.
Alex, Canada

Toque Blueberry is a very cheerful snuff that will put you in a good mood and brighten your day.
Brian 1, USA

Toque Peanut Butter is one amazing snuff, packed full of peanut buttery goodness! Brian 1, USA

Pure. Simple. Smokeless. That'll be Toque.
Bill, USA

Toque snuffs are great new and traditional snuffs.
Pedro, Spain

Toque, a tobacco overload of goodness! Pete, UK

Toque's commitment to quality is apparent with every pinch. Scott, USA

Toque Natural is a Gem of Gems in this fine line of products; It's an addiction within an addiction!
Paul, US

Toque: driving the art of modern snuff.
Ryan, USA

These days I never leave home without Toque Natural in my pocket!
Dave, USA

I love the variety Toque offers, snuff for whatever mood I'm in.
Aaron, USA

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